Phoenix’s Photos: Newborn

Jenn and I were on the fence when it came to the decision of wether or not to get newborn pictures of Phoenix taken.  If you’ve read Phoenix’s birth story part one then you already know where Jenn stood on the froo froo baby stuff.  But after Phoenix got here and we realized that he was going to be the next Derek Zoolander, we thought that we would be doing the world an injustice by not getting super cute baby pictures taken (blue steel anyone??).  So with a recommendation from a friend we found Kristin Ratterree of K-Rae Images and when we contacted her we found that she was just out of college starting her own business in Katy (fyi she is now located in Dallas).  If you don’t know your Houston metroplex map well, Clear Lake (where we live) is about an hour from Katy, not the easiest drive with a baby boy who hates his car seat (seriously you would think we strapped him in with tarantulas). We were a little hesitant to say  the least to load Phoenix up in the car to make the drive.  Jenn fed him really well to get him to go to sleep before we left so needless to say we were late…par for the course for Jenn, but at least now she has an excuse.We did however manage to get there with minimal crying *sighs of relief*.

During the photo shoot Jenn and I weren’t really needed because Kristin was so good with the little guy. She did have a heck of a time getting Phoenix to go to sleep (oh that’s right we have one of those babies that doesn’t sleep. ever.). But once she did we couldn’t get over how cute he looked just lying there. She had all kinds of props from animal crocheted hats (who told her Jenn loves animals?) to a football for him to hold. In the end we are so happy we got these photos of him and we hope you enjoy them.