Prepping for what?

Prepping is a word that comes with a little bit a skepticism from a lot of people. It starts with people getting visions of old men building bunkers in the countryside and soon they see a compound with people cleaning their M4’s. Well not all prepping is done to these extremes, some are as simple as stocking up on some extra food and supplies (such as extra batteries, flashlights, blankets, food, Bug out bag or B.O.B. in the car, etc.). There are a lot of reasons to stock up on some extras around the house, many of which are uncontrollable and very common. Later I will show you what I like to do for my preparedness but first heres a little list of things that could happen.

1. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods-Say that you hunker down for a patch of bad weather, your not going to go get food and supplies that you need during the storm now are you. And would you really want to brave Wal-Mart when everybody is going there to grab every extra can of spam they can fit in a cart? The answer is no if you were actually thinking about it.

2. Power outages-In college we got hit with a hurricane that knocked the power out for 3 days.  What did we do you ask? We went on with life because I like to prep. We had food that didn’t need to be kept in a fridge, and we had some extra supplies to get us through until the power came on. We did however make a trip to the store for important things such as Monopoly and some cards..

3. Job loss-In today’s economy with unemployment at 8% not many have job security anymore. Think about what would happen if you lost your job and had to live off what you had right now. Wouldn’t you feel a little bit better if you have a little bit of stockpile at the house?

4. Car trouble-Stuck on the side of the road for a little bit? Do you need a power bar or a flashlight? Grab it out of your B.O.B. if you were prepared..

5. Sorry to harp on the B.O.B. but back to the natural disasters and you have to evacuate, just grab the bag and go.  Now you’re ahead of the traffic.

6. Unexpected Guests-You’ve ruled out all the things above because none of them could happen to you, well it happened to your family member and now they need a place to crash. With a little bit of prepping you can say, “Sure you can stay at our place, we’ve got plenty”.

These are just a few of the things that could happen to anyone of us on a normal basis. There’s also the very extreme cases that people who watch too much tv buy into such as the global economic meltdown sending us back to the stone age, or the viral epidemic a.k.a. zombie apocalypse.  Now I know that some people can go a little far with prepping but that is when it becomes an addiction.  I’m just saying that every other week you pick up a few extra can goods, batteries, or medical supplies when you are at the grocery store. If a common occurrence comes along such as some of the ones listed above you will be better off than you would have been had you not read this blog.

What are your thoughts on prepping? What do you do to prepare yourself for emergencies?