A (ridiculously) easy job to make life easier

So Jenn and I have decided to use cloth diapers for a number of reasons that will be discussed in a later post (so you will have to come back for that). But we did a lot of research before starting with our cloth diapers and found that the people that had the best results rinsed them off into the toilet before throwing them into the washer (trust me- they are a lot easier than a lot of people think). So in order to do this most people get an attachment on their toilet in order to rinse the diapers off right into the commode. We decided to get more “bang for our buck” and go with a shower head with an extra hose attachment, and we lucked out that our toilet and shower are right next to each other #tinyapartmentproblems.  You can find a shower head like this at any housing retailer from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to Wal-Mart or Lowe’s. Plus, now we can take fancier showers…and you know, bathe our dogs. Our dogs enjoy being fancy (just picture a pooch in a top hat getting sprayed with our new shower head).

It doesn’t take a lot of tools or a hired hand to install these shower heads, most are hand tightened and only require about 15 minutes of work (Shh…don’t tell Jenn how easy it was, she seemed really impressed with me).

1) Take the existing shower head off. You may need a pair of channel locks in order to break the seal.

2) Clean off the threads of the pipe, and then cover with plumbing thread tape. A roll should come with the shower head set, but if it doesn’t you can find it for a buck at Wal-Mart.

3) Like I said, most of the shower kits are hand tightened. So you hand tighten the shower head onto the pipe.

4) Then you hand tighten the attachment hose onto the back of the shower head.

5) Place the rubber washer in the hose end that connects with the hand held nozzle, then screw the hand held nozzle into the hose.

6) Now you just have to take a shower…don’t worry I won’t post pictures of that part.

7) Or rinse off the diapers your sweet baby uses.

In total this project cost us 60 bucks and about 15 minutes.  We had some lingering store credit (left over from our wedding) at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so we opted for the shower head with 6 different settings on each nozzle. You could probably get it done for about half of this if you wanted a simpler one. Has anyone else been doing easy apartment upgrades? Have you purchased any neat gadgets for your home? Do your dogs enjoy wearing top hats too?


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